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Four Corners Health Care Center                         Junction Creek Rehabilitation  


 At Four Corners & Junction Creek Rehab, we understand the difficulties that come along with caring for a loved one with  Alzheimer's or other type of dementia.   We have been providing professional care for individuals since 1969, offering  over  150 years of combined experience.  At our Durango long-term care facility, we are passionate about providing the  quality  care and service our residents deserve.   As members of the American Health Care Association, our licensed and  professional staff are trained and equipped to care for your loved one.

 Your loved one will enjoy the following at our facilities:

  • Homelike Environment
  • Beautiful Outdoor Area
  • Personalized Programs
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Behavioral Management & Redirection
  • Dietary Services
  • Activities & Socialization

 Our main goal is to offer individuals with various types of dementia programs that are appropriate for their abilities. The  living area is secure and has its own separate dining room and activity area designed specifically for our Alzheimer's  patients. Programs are focused on meeting the needs and interests of each individual and family.  Every one of our staff  has received training to care for people suffering from this disease and other types of dementia.​

​ At Four Corners & Junction Creek Rehab, we aim to create an environment that allows your loved one to enjoy a great  quality of life.   We are not only focused on health and overall physical needs, but also aim to provide the right amount of  socialization and activities to addresses companionship needs as well. 

 Our long term care facility gives your loved one the chance to live in a secure environment where they can maintain a  comfortable level of independence, while  still relaying on us for the more difficult daily activities. We offer many  opportunities for individuals to pursue their interests, develop new skills and hobbies and enjoy a healthy social life  through planned trips and programs.

 We offers exciting and engaging events involving:

  • Theater
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Shopping Excursions
  • The State Fair
  • Holiday Celebrations

 Though your loved one may not have the youth and energy they once had, we believe they deserve to live a fun and  enjoyable life on a day to day basis. Our long term care is focused on all areas that are important for a great quality of  life!

 Taking care of a loved one can be extremely challenging. Though there are many benefits and blessings that come from  having the ability to care for your loved on at home, it can begin to take too much of a toll on you.  Whether you noticed  your own health waning or just need a short With more than 150 years of combined experience, we understand how  important it is to ensure that you, the caretaker, have the energy and health to provide quality care. If you are  beginning to wear down or feel mentally drained, it is important to seek the relief you need to recover.

 Caring for another person can be a full-time job–which is why doing this, on top of all your other activities, can be  extremely difficult.

  Respite care can provide:

  • Short term relief for you
  • Improved quality of professional care for your loved one
  • A rejuvenating break for you and your household
  • Comfortable bedding and treatment for your loved one
  • Time at our five star facility

 Though your loved one may be doing great under your supervision and care, it is also important for you to maintain your  own health and strength. We are here to provide the temporary relief you need to maintain the level of care your loved  one deserves.



 At Four Corners & Junction Creek Rehab, we have been taking care of individuals since 1969. With more than a century of
 combined service experience, we understand how to provide your love one with the care and attention they need during  their stay with us.  If your loved one is experience a life-limiting illness it can be very challenging to give them the quality  care they need and deserve during this difficult time.  We are here to help!

  Our  hospice care includes:

  • Stay at our five star facility
  • Attention from professional and licensed staff 
  • Rooms filled with Medicare and Medicaid certified beds
  • Quality care and customer service
  • Designated visiting hours
  • Rooms that can accommodate family members overnight